Dubai Schools To Reopen With New Structures

The news all parents, teachers and most students have been hoping for!

Krystien Meyers
June 23, 2020 11:47 AM

Late Monday night (June 22) The KHDA took to Twitter to brace us with some good news,

‘Schools will be reopening in the new academic year; some things might look different, but others won’t change – making sure children are healthy & safe, and giving them the best learning experience possible.’

The Ministry of Education also tweeted confirming children and students who have existing health conditions will need to have special considerations made for them upon consultation and are taking the reopening very seriously.

The KHDA is also open to answering all parents concerns regarding the reopening of educational facilities. 

Currently, no announcement has been made about the opening date for nurseries and early learning centres. We’ll update these FAQs as soon as this changes. All early learning provision currently operating within schools can open.

Schools in Dubai differ in terms of size, location and number of students. In order to comply with health and safety guidelines, schools may choose models that best suit their circumstances and community. These can include:

  • Being open to all students all the time
  • Continuing to do distance learning part-time
  • Scheduling lessons in staggered ‘shifts’
  • Other creative solutions

Looks like 2020 is the year children will be most thrilled about going back to school! We know a couple of parents who surely are..

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