Best Restaurants in Dubai

As arguably the most diverse city in the world for dining out, choices on the Dubai restaurant circuit are truly endless. Although picking the best restaurant in Dubai may seem to be a trivial task at first, finding that "perfect" restaurant is not an easy one in Dubai, due to the plethora of excellent options that are currently available. Whether it's for a romantic date, a corporate party or a get-together with your friends, your search for a good eatery ends with Things To Do Dubai. From Emirati and Mediterranean to Indian and Italian, we've hand-picked here the very best from the ever-growing list of restaurants in Dubai. Simply pick a restaurant from our selection to immerse yourself in a one-of-kind dining experience.
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List of Best Restaurants in Dubai by Cuisine & Type

As far as restaurants offering diverse food options go, it can’t get better than those the best restaurants in Dubai offer. There are enough that it is difficult for one to choose the suitable one. The best way to navigate restaurants is to go by the food they offer. You can find restaurants that specialize in hearty Arabian, Italian, French, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, etc.

Best Italian Restaurants in Dubai

When it comes to food, it is deeply ingrained in Italian culture. How could you defy having the best Italian food when it is available in Dubai? With the best Italian restaurants in Dubai serving you the specialties of different regions of Italy, you are spoilt for choice. Everything from pizza, pasta, cheese, and freshly ground ingredients to wine, ambience, service, and more are unique here. You can pick any one of the restaurants known for traditional home-style cooking for a family get-together, a birthday party, or an anniversary and treat yourself more than what you want.

Best French Restaurants in Dubai

Whether you are looking for Soupe à l’oignon, traditional French soup or Cassoulet, white beans, and meat stew or Chocolate soufflé, dessert in Dubai, the chances are you will have your way in any of the best French restaurants in Dubai. These fine dining places have years of experience to carve a niche in the preparation of every dish differently. You can enjoy finesse and flavor in the food served by them. The food menu is impressively made to help you experience different French cuisines famous across Europe.

Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai

A big and important part of the Dubai experience is tasting Indian food and frankly speaking, it isn’t taken lightly here either for you have the best Indian restaurants in Dubai to explore. With a smorgasbord meal, they serve you a range of delectable dishes, irrespective of being vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The variety takes you on a culinary journey experiencing the amazing cultures of India.

Best Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

Chinese food is renowned for its traditional ingredients, aroma, color, taste, and appearance. There is no dearth of Chinese dishes with the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai around. With exquisite cooking styles, history, service, and caring warmth, these dining places spread the Chinese culture. Why not experience the unique culinary wonders of China having brunch or dinner here?

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubai

If you want to discover exemplary cuisines from countries across the world sitting in splendidly appointed surroundings in Dubai, you don’t need to travel far. They are situated in the center of the city within some famous hotels. These best fine dining restaurants in Dubai offer myriad options from South Asian, East Asian, and North Asian delicacies to continental and Mediterranean dishes. You can have a great balance of exotic eats and artisanal craft cocktails to make it a great day!

Healthy Restaurants in Dubai

Where you are looking for some changes in your diet or eating healthy in Dubai, then you need to try some healthy restaurants in Dubai. A perfect weekend spot, you can indulge in your choice of food or have a unique gourmet experience, without any feelings of guilt. The menu includes healthy food prepared by experienced chefs.

Vegan Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is not behind when it comes to trying out vegan dishes. You can find some best vegan restaurants in Dubai to gorge on pancakes, bread, brownies, salads, and veggie-packed curries. With the environment completely atmospheric and food menus carefully prepared to satiate your appetite, these restaurants lure you to linger on with food recreated by the chefs every day. 


What restaurants are in Dubai?

Dubai can take you on a gastronomic journey with its streets offering a variety of food for any type of tourist. The city has a lot of restaurants ranging from traditional Arabian cuisines to fast-food joints. There are also bars, cafes, hookah corners, and much more for you to try out and enjoy yourself.

What is the best restaurant in Dubai?

Dubai has quite a few restaurants serving a variety of cuisines and delicacies. The type of food varies from restaurant to restaurant in Dubai, and there are some restaurants that serve multiple food types. Some of the few restaurants worth noting are Shakespeare and Co., The Loft, Americano, Bla Bla Dubai, etc.

How much is a meal in Dubai?

The price of food may vary depending on the restaurant and meal you choose to have. The average rate may range between AED 150 and AED 170 per day. There are several restaurants that offer you food for a cheaper price, and the experience these restaurants offer is equally good.   

Is eating in Dubai expensive?

It depends on where you choose to eat. There are expensive restaurants that offer you fine dining, and a variety of traditional and exotic delicacies, but there are cheaper alternatives that might not offer so many types of food, and yet can provide you with food that can taste on par with the high-class restaurants. In the end, it all boils down to what kind of experience you are going for. Whether you are looking for a great experience, and do not mind spending money, or you have a budget that you do not want to cross, Dubai has places for you. 

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