Best Dubai Shisha Bars and Lounges

Whether it’s a low-key restaurant touting authentic Emirati cuisine and hookah pipes or a loud and active bar where drinks are at the forefront, we here at Things To Do Dubai, have listed here some of the best places for shisha in Dubai. Shisha, in itself, is a middle eastern tradition that has transcended regional and cultural boundaries to become a favorite pastime for many. Each of the bars and restaurants mentioned in our listing has been selected based not only on the quality of the shisha they offer but also on the overall ambiance of the setting. For more information about the bars and restaurants listed here, feel free to get in touch with our team today!

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Do they serve shisha in Dubai?

In Dubai, the eateries are not permitted to serve shisha and food outdoors during the day in the holy month of Ramadan. Nevertheless, eateries and restaurants can do delivery services during the day. The outdoor dining areas are not allowed to serve shisha and drinks in Dubai during the fasting hours in this holy month.

How much does Shisha cost in Dubai?

Shisha being a part of Arabic culture, most of the restaurants offer Shisha. The restaurants take utmost care to serve affordable high-quality shisha and the restaurant struggles to get a shisha license. There are several restaurants that offer a special shisha lounge in Dubai and a shisha bar in Dubai. You will get Shisha from 30 AED to 115 AED based on the type of shisha places in Dubai. Shisha cafés have different flavors to choose from which include both unflavored blends and flavored with different fruit-scented shishas such as apple, lemon, and grape.

Is hookah famous in Dubai?

Yes, Hookah is very famous in Dubai and it is a part of Arabic culture, for this reason, shisha cafés are very famous in UAE and many restaurants serve shisha. Though UAE's ban on smoking only means that it can now only be served in separate smoking areas and outdoor venues

Where can I buy shisha in Dubai?

You can smoke Shisha in Dubai in Shisha cafes and bars and enjoy different types of Shisha flavors. To buy you can also order online. These bars and restaurants offer quality shisha in the best ambiance to smoke.

Where can I smoke hookah in Dubai?

You can smoke hookah at shisha cafes and bars across town and they offer the best shisha in Dubai. Here is a list of the best shisha café in Dubai, Babiole Dubai, Al Nafoorah, Nargui Five Dubai, Sky 5 Dubai, Wane By SoMiya, and so on.

What is Shisha Dubai?

Shisha smoking, also called narghile, water pipe, hookah, or hubble bubble smoking, originates from the Middle East and certain areas of Asia but has recently become more popular in the UK especially with young people. It is a way of smoking tobacco through a bowl with a hose or tube joined on. The tube has a mouthpiece that the smoker uses to breathe in the smoke.

How old do you have to be to do shisha in Dubai?

You have to be above the age of 18 in order to smoke, sell or buy shisha in Dubai. If you are 18 or below, smoking shisha is a violation of the law and you are required to pay a fine of 10000 DHS.

What do they call hookah in Dubai?

In Dubai, hookah is commonly referred to as Shisha. However, the word hookah is also used as Dubai is a popular tourist destination. You can find shisha bars and clubs all over Dubai.

Can you drive after smoking hookah?

You cannot smoke shisha while driving or even when you are in the car. Moreover, you cannot smoke while in public places.

Does shisha have an age limit?

Yes, smoking shisha does have an age limit. You can smoke shisha only if you are above the age of 18. In other words, if you are 18 years or younger, it is illegal to smoke or even trade shisha.

Where can I smoke in Dubai?

You cannot smoke shisha in public places, closed places, or even in your car. The only place that you can legally smoke is in licensed hookah bars.

Is Shisha safe during coronavirus?

Smoking hookah during COVID-19 can put you at risk of getting the disease. However, due to the current situation bars are taking precautionary measures and are also asking their customers to do so. Therefore, following the measures can help you reduce the risk of infection.

What does shisha mean in English?

Shisha means tobacco that is used to smoke a hookah. It also comes in a variety of flavors.