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The Korean meal begins with a ritual bowl of soup and rice, and the main dishes are built around a variety of shared side dishes selected to complement one another. There can be as many as a dozen side dishes in Korean food, and this adds to the different tastes which you will experience. When you eat Korean cuisine, it is important to note that there are no courses of meals like in the Western world and all the dishes are served at once to be shared and eaten. For a list of the most famous Korean restaurants in Dubai, you can count on Things To Do Dubai to give you the right option.

There is a large variety in the Korean style of cooking, and a banquet usually consists of many dishes cooked in various ways including being steamed and simmered, pan-fried and stewed, fermented and raw. One of the interesting things about Korean cuisine is that rice is a staple diet in this style of cooking and accompanies almost every meal. The rice may sometimes be replaced with noodles as it is an alternative. There is an abundance of seafood available in Korea, and this means that fish is an integral part of many dishes. If you want a list of the popular Korean restaurants in Dubai, then we have your back. Browse through the list of dining destinations that we have selected for you.