A man attempted to flee DXB using a forged PCR test

Since mandatory COVID testing began in mid-March 2020, criminals have been attempting to get away with this crime.

Krystien Meyers
March 23, 2021 6:17 PM

The news of offenders attempting to falsify and forge COVID-19 PCR test results or messages is not new, but it is shocking. 

Since mandatory COVID testing was implemented in mid-March 2020, criminals have tried to get away with their crimes, but authorities have still been one step ahead.

Two people have been charged with falsifying a PCR test result and are facing trial. Using a forged negative, the accused man attempted to flee the UAE. 

The alleged investor and a second offender (an airline employee who assisted him) are now on trial in Dubai Court.

Upon check-in, the man submitted an outdated PCR test result, during which he was asked to submit a new report or SMS verifying a negative COVID result by a member of the airline staff.

The 32-year-old Asian man then returned 30 minutes later and handed over a printout of the same result after changing the date of issue to allow him to leave the country, according to the investigation report. 

The passenger admitted that the second accused, a 38-year-old airline employee, handed him the printout that he believed would permit him to fly without restraints after the report was discovered to be false.

Both of the suspects have been arrested and are being held in custody as they face trial.