UAE administered over five million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine

The country has crossed the five million mark as the Ministry of Health and Prevention announced today.

Krystien Meyers
February 14, 2021 6:47 PM

The number is 5.005 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to be exact, that averages to a distribution rate of 50.61 doses per 100 people.

The efforts made by the United Arab Emirates to contain the virus is the only reason we have managed to cross the five million mark. Under the directive and support of the people in this country, this was made possible. 

The quick and efficient rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine is a nod to the National Vaccination Programme which was launched to ensure the vaccine’s availability in most government and private health establishments and centres in order to make it easier for the largest segments of society, including Emiratis and residents, especially the elderly, people with chronic diseases and front-line workers, with the ultimate goal of ensuring acquired immunity across the nation to help curb the disease and stem its fallout.

MoHAP highlighted the growing demand for the vaccination among the general public, describing the positive response by the population to the inoculation drive as reflective of the public’s trust in the State’s capabilities to ensure public health and safety.

It also underlined the importance of the UAE’s population continuing to display their full commitment to COVID-19 countermeasures, in order to safeguard society against new coronavirus strains. 

News via WAM

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