COVID-19: Now Enjoy a Drink Without Having to Stay for a Meal

Dubai Police have issued a statement to all licensed bars and restaurants.

Krystien Meyers
June 20, 2020 2:11 PM

As of today (June 19) Dubai Police have officially given bars and restaurants a new update. The rule in place initially where all orders of alcoholic beverages must be accompanied by a meal, is now void.

“We would like to inform you that, as from its date, alcoholic drinks are permitted in licensed bars and bars without meals, with the need to adhere to the general precautionary measures in the regarding restaurants and food emirate and in particular establishments”.

Other rules include all drinks must be served in disposable glasses, bottles are not permitted unless the establishment is fitted with an approved machine dishwasher. There is no mention of if drinks are now allowed to be served standing at the bar as of yet, so you will still have to make a table booking.

Social distancing and masks in public regulations still remain in place. As well as the 11 pm curfew, so if you do choose to hit the town - please do so responsibly. 

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