COVID-19: DHA Asks Residents To Be Mindful Of Safety Measures At The Beach

The Dubai Health Authority urges the public to follow all safety measures and not to be complacent while visiting the beach.

Krystien Meyers
June 21, 2020 2:42 PM

DHA has stated that all health and safety measures should not be taken lightly and practices like wearing masks and social distancing should be acknowledged as the "new normal".

The reminder was released as Dubai Police fined over 300 people for violating rules on the beach in the first week of reopening to the public.

It is mandatory to wear masks while on the shore while swimming the masks can be removed. Social distancing must be observed in and out of the water.

It is also advised when using public facilities like toilets, refrain from touching personal items like mats and SPF bottles until sanitised to curb the spread of germs and the virus.

Once home, one must remove their masks and footwear immediately, disinfect their things including keys and wallets, and take a shower.

Here are other tips for beachgoers, from the DHA:

1. Ensure physical distancing at ALL times even in the water

2. Wear a facemask on the beach; it is not necessary in the water

3. Ensure that your group does not exceed five people

4. Carry your own beach mat, towel, sunscreen and water and do not share personal items

5. Follow all preventive precautions especially when using public spaces such as washrooms.

6. Keep a pocket-sanitiser, wet wipes and tissues at all times

7. Keep extra masks in a zip-lock bag and sanitise before using it.

8. Make sure to wash your hands or sanitise them before eating any food or touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth.

9. Bring your own food and drinks from your house. If you opt to eat out, make sure you ask for disposable cutlery. Ensure that the restaurant adheres to all preventive and precautionary measures.

10.Drink enough fluids and use sunscreen

11. Be up-to-date with the latest laws and guidelines.

12. Avoid paying in cash and use electronic payments like a credit or debit card instead to avoid touching banknotes.

13. Do not step out of your house if you have any respiratory-symptoms, a sore throat or even a mild fever.

DHA reminds people to only rely on information from official sources and those who have any query can call the following numbers: DHA call centre -800 342, Estijaba service at the operation centre, Department of Health – 8001717 or Ministry of Health & Prevention – 80011111.

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