Apple WWDC 2020 Announcement: iOS 14, MacOS Big Sur and New Mac Chips

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference spilled some geek juice for all of us.

Krystien Meyers
June 23, 2020 11:30 AM

Apple spilt all the deets on the upcoming iOS devices for the year, while all tech-savvy Apple fans are drooling over new chips, the talk of Siri, Memoji and iMessage updates are getting the general public a little more excited.

Last night at Apple's annual opening keynote, WWDC 2020 (Worldwide Developers Conference) began with CEO of Apple, Tim Cook acknowledging the empty auditorium, the coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter movement before divulging in the iOS 14 and new home screen announcements. 

Cook went into detail on the launch of the new iPadOS 14, MacOS Big Sur, TV OS14 and WatchOS 7 updates, but the big bite of the apple was the company's highly anticipated move to Arm-based chips away from Intel, to ensure better performance at lower power consumption (let's be honest, battery issues really need some attention). As per usual new systems will ship by the end of 2020, and other features falling on the rest of the Mac tier will be spread out over the next two years.

Some notable changes that we're excited for are the all-new home screen, users can place widgets between the current grid of apps. The widgets vary from weather or a calendar reminder that can be adjusted in size and show live updates. Apps now have the capability of being hidden as well as a new separate screen for organization and software searches.

In preparation for all the travel users are going to do post the COVID-19 outbreak, Apple has added multiple travel-focused perks, not limited to the offline translation app. Apple has also collaborated with BMW on doubling as a wireless car key, as well as electric car integration with Ford.

Quick Updates

  • Apple's latest iOS to be called iOS 14.
  • New App Library - where Apps can be automatically sorted and have the ability to hide apps.
  • Siri with a higher IQ - expect features like on-device dictation and real-time translation facilities.
  • iMessage - you can now pin messages as well as access a new library of Memojis
  • Apple Clips - Allows users to try apps without having to install them!
  • iPadOS 14 - Apple is adding an improved sidebar to organise items like photos.
  • Scribble on iPad - "Scribble" will allow users to convert handwritten text to type text.
  • AirPods - Automatic switching between devices and tracking movement are in talks.
  • Apple WatchOS 7 - Sleep tracking a new feature.
  • MacOS Big Sur - New design and unified notification space
  • Apple launching its own ARM processor for Mac

New version coming soon...