Restaurants in Dubai now offer discounts for people who have taken the COVID-19 vaccination

The F&B industry has taken a hard hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, but here they are shining through by giving back to the community.

Krystien Meyers
February 15, 2021 10:54 AM

So far four Dubai restaurants are offering discounts to residents who have received the COVID-19 vaccination during this difficult time.

Alpine restaurant Publique, British restaurant Reform Social and Grill, Bistro des Arts and Ultra Brasserie, all of which are under the Gates Hospitality umbrella and all fabulous dining spots, announced an offer that gives residents 10 per cent off their bill if they have already received the first dose of a vaccine and 20 per cent off after having both shots. 

Running with the campaign "Spread love, not 'Rona" the offer was shared on all the restaurant's platforms, receiving mixed reactions from the public.

Samantha Wood, the founder of a restaurant review website,, called it a "controversial strategy", another food critic commented saying restaurants are showing creativity with their take on the discounts.

“Our firm determination is to stand by the [Dubai Health Authority] in their efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic with multiple vaccines and to encourage the residents of this vibrant city to take the two doses,” says Naim Maadad, founder of Gates Hospitality.

“The goal is to encourage people to go in for the vaccination and incentivise others to do their bit in the fight to stop the spread of the virus. “The vaccine has been endorsed by medical professionals and the World Health Organisation. All we want is to conduct business in a responsible manner,” Maadad said

It truly is great to see such a well known organisation in the country do their part in helping the community come together. Whether vaccinated residents actually choose to go to a restaurant just because of the discount is a thought to consider, many residents of this city are not necessarily driven by those means and may even be put off by the idea. 

We leave the decision up to you, the public. What are your thoughts on the "Spread love, not 'Rona" campaign? Has this in any way swayed your decisions to get or not get the COVID-19 vaccine? Drop us a line and let us know!