Dubai Launches Smart Alcohol Licence

African+Eastern and MMI have launched a new smart alcohol licence with a faster application process.

Krystien Meyers
August 16, 2020 4:58 PM

African+Eastern (A+E) and MMI have launched a new smart alcohol licence with a faster application process. The all-new process for getting your alcohol licence in Dubai is now simplified if you are eligible to apply for it. 

The application process launched last week and all you require to apply for the new licence is a valid Emirates ID.

The service is currently only available for non-Muslims above the age of 21, applicants are required to take their valid Emirates ID to any A+E or MMI store. The processing fee is AED 270, once approved licence holders can legally buy alcohol in any of Dubai's A+E and MMI retail stores.

At the brink of the lockdown earlier this year, a new home delivery service was also introduced for which you will need the aforementioned licence.

The current standing red licences will need to be converted to the all-new black card by August 31, 2020. All remaining time left of the red card will be carried forward to the new black smart licence. The red cards will be void after the end of August.

New licence applications and renewals will also get Dhs1,500 worth of vouchers to use in-store and at selected bars and restaurants across Dubai.

The approval process takes a couple of days and you can purchase from then. The new card should be ready in two to three weeks.

An alcohol licence permits the licence holder, and that person only, to consume, store, transport or possess alcohol.

Tourists can buy alcohol from any MMI and A+E store by showing their passport.

“Getting a licence has now become so much easier,” said Mike Glen, managing director of MMI – UAE & Oman.

"By transitioning to the new system, the amount of paperwork involved has been dramatically reduced. We’re always looking for new ways to make the shopping experience as simple as possible and keep our customers on the right side of the law.”

Sean Hennessey, general manager of African + Eastern – UAE Retail and Oman, added, “We welcome the new process which makes applying for an alcohol license in Dubai simpler, faster and more accessible. The simpler application process allows consumers to easily apply in any one of the A+E or MMI conveniently located across the city by submitting their Emirates ID. With tourists also coming back to Dubai, they will continue to be able to benefit from being able to shop in any of our stores, legally and safely, they simply need to take their original passport to register.” 

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