BREAKING NEWS: Smoking Areas and Shisha Serving Areas To Reopen

A Dubai staple is back in business after being shut for the last few months.

Krystien Meyers
July 17, 2020 4:07 PM

The Dubai Municipality has officially released a circular stating as of 18 July (tomorrow) all smoking areas and shisha establishments are allowed to reopen under strict guidelines in Dubai only for now. 

The guidelines include but are not limited to 

- The facility must maintain adequate records of staff, visitors and customers - smokers or individuals accompanying them which include names, contact numbers and dates of visits to assist if contact tracing becomes necessary.

- ONLY disposable shisha hoses/narghile allowed.

- Wash and disinfect each shisha properly after each client use.

- Shisha testing by staff before/during serving customers are not permitted.

- Maximum hours per client should not exceed 3 hours.

Call it what you want, Shisha, Hookah, Bubbly, Narghile this is news everyone has been waiting for. Will you be paying a visit to your favourite shisha cafe anytime soon? 

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