6 New Restaurants to try in Dubai

Looking for a brand-new restaurant to try out in Dubai ? Check out these cool hotspots…

Chloe Hoffmann
June 8, 2021 1:07 PM

Restaurants in Dubai are a paradise for hungry people who like eating delicious cuisine in a luxurious environment. After a lovely walk around Dubai, dinner at one of these new restaurants in this region should be your next stop.

Here are the new Dubai restaurants you should visit in 2021

1.Filia Dubai

Fi'lia offers customers a three-course set menu comprising Italian-Mediterranean classics. This is a fantastic restaurant in Business Bay that is run entirely by women. So if you're looking for something new to try while also demonstrating your support for women in the UAE, make a visit.

Fi'lia, located on the hotel's 70th level, provides 360-degree views of the city, while the interior is large, brilliant, and airy, with green flora to enhance the design.

Find more on Filia Dubai here. 

2.Myrra by Opa

The perfect venue, housed on the busy strip, is perfect for a family get-together; the warm and modern environment also features a separate kids' play area. Myrra by Opal welcomes customers of all ages, with the option of dining indoors or outside overlooking the beachfront.

Myrra by Opa's menu will include famous dishes from both Greek and Spanish cuisines, giving Dubai a flavor of the Mediterranean. Their particular cuisine focuses on distinctive flavours that evoke memories of the island and fine detailing and presentation, offering a gala feast for all of the sensations.

Enjoy the experience. Myrra by Opa brings memories as well as distinct flavours from Greece and Spain. 

Find more on Myrra by Opa here. 

3.Hunter & Barrel

Hunter & Barrel is an interesting addition to the city's culinary scene, coming straight from the lands of Australia to the beaches of Dubai. The restaurant, which is located in Vida Emirates Hills, serves a selection of unique charcoal-roasted meats and vegetables — think open fire prawns, smokey chicken wings, and, of course, quality steaks which are a cut above.

The design components are inspired by local customs like fishing and falconry and include wooden bows, falcon blinders, and vibrant fishing nets. Admire it all from your dining room table. Alternatively, you may dine on the patio near the lounge.

You should reserve one of the restaurant's two private dining rooms for a more authentic moment. Enjoy the smell of meat while feasting on premium meats and products at Hunter & Barrel Dubai.

Find more on Hunter & Barrel here.

4.ZETA Seventy Seven

On Level 77 of the Ultimate Beach Address, ZETA Seventy Seven provides an outdoor atmosphere. With its amazing Asian fusion food and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and Palm Jumeirah, ZETA Seventy Seven is a culinary feast.

The overall environment at this bright place is picture-perfect, so whether you're coming for lunch or dinner. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline while dining on the finest contemporary Asian cuisines. Two special seafood-inspired menus are available at the sky-high venue.

This restaurant welcomes and accommodates visitors on its magnificent open-air terrace as well as within private interior air-conditioned cabanas fully equipped with TVs, music controls, coffee makers, and other amenities.

Find more on ZETA Seventy Seven here.

5. Ikigai Dubai

Ikigai, located in Millennium Place Marina, is a dream project of mouthwatering cuisine.

This independent restaurant, created by UAE-based restaurateurs, is particularly notable for its reasonable costs, allowing you to mix and combine foods to your heart's delight. It's the ideal spot to let your hair down, relax, and enjoy delicious meals with friends.

When the weather is colder, you'll want to sit on the terrace, but it's always a joy to eat inside so you can fully enjoy the creative decoration, which includes mood lighting and graffiti paintings captivating Tokyo's Shinjuku district.

Find more on Ikigai Dubai here.

6. Mimi Kakushi

Step inside and you'll be taken to another world thanks to the extensive use of wood, old paintings, and bursts of green flora creating an almost domestic ambiance, while the jazz soundtrack exposes you to nostalgic sounds as cooks work on artfully-plated food at the open kitchen.

The restaurant includes elegant frosted windows as well as beautiful and opulent decor. The circular leather booth tables are perfect for bigger gatherings and those searching for cosy seating alternatives.

Mimi Kakushi is completely licenced and specialises in eastern flavours. Have a romantic date, invite your coworkers over for dinner, or get together with a group of friends over tasty beverages and plates.

Find more on Mimi Kakushi here.

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