Get your gourmet bowl roll-ing at MaKiRa

Dubai's New Must-Try Japanese Restaurant, with a twist!

Chloe Hoffmann
August 2, 2022 5:28 PM

It’s time to try Dubai’s most exciting new dining experience: MaKiRa, a concept restaurant with origins from Japan’s two infamous dishes, Maki and Ramen.

MaKiRa promises to take you on a quirky and fun-filled adventure while staying true to its Japanese roots, by bringing you a dramatic open-kitchen where you can mingle 1-1 with the chefs behind the counter and also gaze in awe as your favourite dishes are being crafted right in front of you. Make your pick from a variety of quality cuts from salmon to premium wagyu beef; everything you savor is handpicked and sourced from the best farms. 

The menu features a variety of Japanese rolls which include

- Aburi Truffle Wagyu Roll (wagyu beef slices, avocado, truffle kewpie, crispy onions and yakiniku sauce)

- Ebi Tempura Uramaki (prawns tempura, avocado, orange tobiko, spicy kewpie and teriyaki)

- Torched Salmon Uramaki (salmon tartar, cucumber, truffle kewpie and teriyaki glaze)

- amongst many others. Need we say more?

For the more mindful palates, MaKiRa has thoughtfully curated a selection of salads, poke and chirashi, that will blow you away. 

Located in DIFC, this culinary journey also boasts a beautiful interior that complements the exquisite flavors being brought to you. Traditional wall features include Japanese Uchiwa Fans and Furoshiki Boxes in different colours and patterns to accentuate the walls and the striking Samurai ramen graphics of Seiten No Heki-Reki meaning a complete surprise and Hana YoriDango representing food over flowers, exaggerated to sit well within the colourful inspiration of the design.

P.S and we don’t want to give much away, but we guarantee that you’re going to find your next ‘gram shot right at the entrance of this magnetic restaurant. 

Once you enter, you’d also realize that just as much thought has been put into the seating of MaKiRa; you could choose to be either counter seated and watch the chefs work their magic or comfortably lounge with your family and friends between four walls of Ramen-inspired art and get your gourmet bowl roll-ing with alcohol-free hops. 

At the core of MaKiRa’s kitchen is an unwavering dedication to the use of top-tier ingredients matched with unique cooking techniques and the utmost reverence to bring out its best flavors. Emboldened with Dusit’s renowned commitment to sincere hospitality, guests may anticipate an irresistible allure that creates liveliness and elegance to this new venue.

MaKiRa is located on the ground floor of Dusit Thani Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Open daily for Lunch [12noon to 3pm] and Dinner [7pm to 11pm]

For reservations: 04 317 4515; WhatsApp 054 990 8007;