What to do in March?

Here is a list for you suggesting what to do in March.

Chloe Hoffmann
March 4, 2022 4:42 PM

Dubai is packed with surprises, and whether you are a sports enthusiast or a music lover, the land will amaze you. March marks the beginning of Spring. Guess what? Dubai is all set to ooze with its beauty and colors. If you want to enjoy the spring season in Dubai, here is a list for you suggesting what to do in March.

1.Explore the Museum of the Future

It is a new addition to the tourist map of Dubai and visitors are not ready to slide the chance of exploring the futuristic models and constructions. The Museum of the future publicly opened on 26th February. The main attraction of this Museum is its futuristic models, and the museum building is made based on algorithms. The framework has 2400 diagonally intersecting steel components. It aims to showcase the present architectural knowledge while considering what is to come in the future. You can visit the Museum from 10 am to 6 pm.

2.Queen by Candlelight

Every music lover understands how ambiance and music can create a magical combination. March in Dubai will give you a chance to experience 'Queen by candlelight.' The singers from London's West End Performers will perform the songs of the legendary boy band. Get ready to be immersed in the dreamy ambiance created by soft candlelight and the melodies of Queen. Your show will be on 5th March. You can get tickets from the Platinum list, Book My Show, and other such sites. The Coca-Cola arena is all set to present you with this lovely experience. 

3.Hatta Hills Run

If the athlete inside you wants some stimulation, challenge yourself to go for the Hatta Hills Run. For the half marathon, you have to run 21.1km.

If your health challenges you, you can go for the 10km route or the 2.5km one. The marathon is not the only attraction of the event; you can enjoy the picturesque village and sparkling water of the Hatta Dam. You would probably love to stop once in a while mid-run to embody the beauty of the gorgeous landscape. 

You can join other runners on 6th March at 7 am at Ja Hatta Fort Hotel. 

4.Bingo Loco on 18th March 

If rave parties interest you, then probably this Paddy's Day-themed party is going to be your favorite thing to do in March. The Bingo Loco will entertain you with its festival-level arrangement and music production. Expect to get drowned in nostalgia with the classics of the 90s and 00s. Join the Bingo loco on March 18th with your friends if you are into dance battles and love to show some crazy moves. Who knows, you might rediscover your passion for dance! If this doesn't sound tempting enough to you, then you must know that prizes will be there as well. 

5.Yoga Fest Dubai

Dubai is getting more enthusiastic about giving people fitness goals. If you want to include mindfulness in fitness, yoga can be your preference. You can join the three-day Yoga fest in Dubai to learn and share your experience with yoga. If you are already into yoga, this event can be a new addition to your favorites. If you are new, yoga can help you develop a liking for fitness. Want to give it a try? The event will be at Dubai Internet City Amphitheater. It will commence on 18th March and will end on the 20th.

6.Dubai Gold Cup series

The polo lovers have definite reasons to spend the Spring in Dubai. The Gold Cup series is one of the most prestigious polo tournaments held in the Middle East, and game lovers worldwide eagerly wait to experience the best form of the game. Get your Jerseys and banners ready to support your favorite team, as March has stored immense tension for polo lovers. 

7.Gipsy Kings Show 31st

Gipsy Kings will return at the end of the month, and music lovers cannot wait for it. They will hit Dubai opera with their mind-blowing musical treat created with the mix of salsa, western, and flamenco forms on 31st March. You will love to be a part of the lively musical night curated with popular singles like Valore and Djobi Djoba. You can collect the tickets for the event from the Platinum list. 

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