Unlimited tacos in Dubai

Tacos are just everyone's favorite.bIn this article, you will get to know the best Tacos places in Dubai

Chloe Hoffmann
February 10, 2022 1:34 PM

Tacos are just everyone's favorite.bIn this article, you will get to know the best Tacos places in Dubai

1.Muchachas (Wednesday):

Are you looking for the best, most friendly place to munch some tacos? Muchachas is the right place for your needs. The tacos here are mouthwatering and also fresh. Also, with their new menu of crunchwrap tacos, there are many more reasons why one must try tacos in Muchachas !

With exquisite taste, and fresh vegetables and ingredients, Muchachas has made its way to having the best tacos around. Wallace Idaho has this fascinating small yet promising Taco place, ensuring that people's taste buds are filled with love and tacos!

Muchachas is one of the must-try places if you are craving some hot, yummy Tacos! They serve tacos every day of the week. Amazing, right? Now, who wouldn't have time to munch some alluring Tacos ?

2.El Chapo's Tacos (Tuesday):

Authentic Mexican flavors on your platter- How does it sound? It tastes the same as it sounds. Just amazing! El Chapo's restaurant and Bar is also a place that must go directly into your to-do list in Dubai. El Chapo's tortilla is undoubtedly a treat for your mouth.

Have you heard of the Taco Tuesday going on in El Chapo's? El Chapo has this mind-striking Taco Tuesday plan, with unlimited tacos for two complete hours just at AED 99. You will also be offered drinks from AED 179.

If you plan to take your friends to a Taco evening, El Chapo is the right place for you!

3.La Mezcalería (Tuesday):

With the right environment and services, any food would go right. In addition, how about a perfect Taco Day in the right place? La Mezcalería is quite known for its excellent cocktails. But their Tacos- quite astonishing!

If you feel like ending a tiring day with a take-out of the tastiest Tacos, La Mezcalería is the perfect spot for you. They have both veggie and meat tacos on their menu. Under both categories, you can find a variety of choices.

Make La Mezcalería your favorite place to choose tacos!

4.La Tablita Dubai (Tuesday):

With the best tacos and perfect ambiance, one can fall in love with La Tablita! Is it Tuesday yet? And are you confused about where to go for a brunch date? La Tablita is a savior. Their shrimp tacos are top-notch.

Have you tried their 10 Tacos Special Combo with rice & Beans yet? If not, order it as soon as possible with their hot, early-bird offers. Yes! La Tablita also takes online orders.

Mark your Tuesdays as Tacos-days at La Tablita from now on!

5.Maiz Tacos (Tuesday):

Have you ever stuck with the idea of where to dine in and ended up at some place not worth your plan? No more worries. Maiz Tacos is here to rescue you.

It started as a food truck business, and starting from that day until today, today Maiz Tacos serves the best food in Dubai. Besides serving as the best Tacos place, they are all quite famous for their affordable Taco menus.

If you plan for any event or meeting, Maiz Tacos will gladly take in your orders with their most flexible and customizable packages. Make your event the best, with the best Tacos in Dubai on your plates!

6.ZOCO Dubai (Tuesday):

You would have surely heard about the ZOCO restaurant in Dubai. Their perfect food has brought them to the top name and fame. Their Tacos are the best of all! If you are planning for a Taco date, why not ZOCO then? Make your heart and taste buds remember what it is like to be the best!

Their short ribs and Baja fish Tacos are must-tries on the list. Also, their reasonable prices are another reason to justify the place for tacos!

What are you still waiting for? Book a table at the ZOCO restaurant and have some exciting taco time!

With the best taco places in Dubai, choose your favorite and start cherishing the mind-blowing taste of the Tacos in your hearts forever!

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