Ultimate List of Turkish Restaurants in Dubai

We have compiled a list of the best Turkish restaurants in Dubai for you to try.

Chloe Hoffmann
September 27, 2021 6:05 PM

Turkish cuisine, which is majorly influenced by Ottoman cuisine, has changed over the years to offer you a blend of traditional Turkish cooking and western flavours. Nevertheless, not all is lost for that traditional Ottoman touch. We have compiled a list of the best Turkish restaurants in Dubai for you to try with.


Located in the Soul Al Bahar Waterfront Promenade, Günaydin carries a legacy of creativity, craftsmanship and hospitality. If you want to experience succulent steak and kebab enjoying the magnificent views of the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa, you should be here with your family or friends. The menu also includes other delectable dishes such as Katmer, Kunefe and Baklava. You have a wider choice of starters and salads, cold and warm mezzes, dishes from the oven and grill, doner, kebabs, seafood, beverages, etc. 

Sultan Baba Iskender

Bringing the taste of Turkey to Dubai, Sultan Baba Iskender makes its presence available in different locations such as the Dubai Festival City, Jumeirah 3, Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai Festival Plaza and Ibn Battuta Mall. The restaurant is known for infusing original recipes into traditional ways of cooking, which helps guests experience the timeless traditions of Turkey. The warm and friendly ambience inside welcomes families, friends and couples to enjoy the Mediterranean twist.

The menu comprises of extensive selections of soups and salads, kebabs, including special ones, pitas from oven, meatballs, sandwiches, sides, desserts and beverages.    


Located in Jumeirah, La Mer, Zouzou is a Turkish restaurant that is conceptualized in the UAE, inspired by the rich traditions and history of the region. Serving Turkish and Lebanese cuisines in a relaxed environment, Zouzou offers ample space for seating families, couples and friends. The welcoming interiors, delicious food and hospitality make you feel at home. The menu offers a range of dishes for breakfast, soups and salads, cold appetizers, starters, oven Pide, fette, grilled dishes, seafood, steal, main dishes, desserts, beverages and juices.


MADO has its origin 300 years ago making Karsambac, which is mixing preserved snow layers with fruit extracts, and serving during summer. Over the time, Karsambac was enriched by adding ingredients such as honey, milk and salep to create a unique flavour. Further improvisations in the recipe were made by using special milk of animals fed on milk vetch, thyme and orchid flowers and natural extracts of fruits.

MADO is the result of the transformation of the age-old traditional icecream-making workshop. It brings traditional Turkish cuisines with extensive breakfast, Pide or Turkish pizza, starters and salads, main course, icecream and desserts and beverages. From morning to night, you can have sociable meetings enjoying great Turkish food.


Bosporus is as famous for its exceptional Mediterranean cuisines as its origin on the narrowest natural strait, Bosporus. The Turkish restaurant has its location in the Dubai Mall and Jumeirah in Dubai. Drawing on its heritage, the menu comprises of refined traditional Turkish food like soups, fresh salads, mezze & cold starters, hot starters, Pide, kebab, grilled meat, main course, seafood, steaks, kebab wraps and sandwiches, desserts, and beverages. 

CZN Burak Restaurant 

CZN Burak takes pride in the culinary heritage gained by working at his father’s restaurant at the age of 13. Since then, the CZN Burak Restaurant has grown to open a number of restaurants in Turkey and in the UAE. In Dubai, it is located in Boulevard Point in the Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. The menu offers a range of dishes under the categories such as soups, mezzes, salads, hot starters, main course, casserole, kebab & grill, sides, and desserts.

Kaftan Restaurant 

Nestled in Jumeirah Jumeirah, the Kaftan Restaurant is inspired by the traditional Turkish and Ottoman cuisines served in a sophisticated yet warm atmosphere by the hospitable chefs and staff. While keeping the traditional elements of the Turkish cum Ottoman cuisines, Kaftan also offers contemporary dishes by infusing the Middle East flavours into the traditional recipe.

The menu includes extensive collections of breakfast dishes, starters, main course, kebabs, grills, sides and desserts. 

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