The world’s largest floating docked nightclub opens in Dubai

Float Dubai onboard the QE2

Chloe Hoffmann
November 8, 2021 6:33 PM

How about a unique place to party in Dubai? Float Dubai has made headlines worldwide! Popularly known as QE2, the historic ocean liner Queen Elizabeth II has become the largest floating nightclub in the world. Named as Float Dubai, this massive nightclub is located at Port Rashid. Being a private outdoor club, it can accommodate over 1000 people at a time. With the highest deck and a lounge, Queen Elizabeth II offers a great venue for those who want to experience a blend of past, present, and future. The club had a grand opening on October 14 this year by Dubai royal family. Purchased in 2008, the vessel is docked as a floating hotel consisting of 215 rooms at the commercial port of Rashid.

The grand opening of this magnificent floating hotel had shown by DJ, acrobats, U.S. rapper DaBaby, hula-hoop dancers and drinks, which were strangely high-priced. According to The Times, about 200 ounces of Dom Perignon Rose Gold set partygoers back more than $107,000.

With a unique space onboard the Queen Elizabeth II, Float Dubai brings in the present, while the vessel’s long history and culture takes you to the past. The advanced technologies deployed show the future. It’s a great experience that the visitor can never forget. Apart from the vibrant ambiance, it is very difficult to find what Float Dubai is going for. The website of the hotel has listed several events, which urges the guests to add Float to their list.

The float offers one-of-a-kind fun and entertainment and is the first floating hotel in Dubai. You can feel the true British heritage and history on the permanently docked QE2. Other than its distinctive location, Float Dubai promises to bring a different verve and vivacity. You can’t afford to visit this celebrated ocean liner in the world in New Marina at Dubai’s Port Rashid, and enjoy the latest extravaganzas of amenities and facilities.

The hotel offers the best suites, vibrant nightlife venues, a well-explained history exhibition, a licensed theatre, and a heritage tour, which takes you to the Elizabethan period. You can choose from various packages and stay longer enjoying great food and drinks.

QE2 Heritage Tour

For those who love heritage tours, the QE2 has a heritage and bridge tour starting at the QE2 exhibition in the main terminal between 1 pm and 4 pm daily, except on Mondays. The tours take you through the bridge, cabins design and Queen room dating from 1960s to the mid-ship lobby, where you can find a collection of real murals explaining the history of Cunard dating back to 1840’s. The Golden Lion, which is the traditional English Pub I, is the other attraction of the tour. 

Nightlife venues

The afternoon tea, the pavilion, the Lido restaurant, the Golden Lion, the Queens’ Grill Restaurant and Lounge, Q Cafe, the Chart Room and the Yacht club are the venues in the QE2 for dining and nightlife. You can find a stunning collection of dishes from places around the world with a range of restaurants, bars, and outdoor terraces to suit any occasion or mood.

QE2 Spa

A boutique wellness center, you can have a range of treatments offered by professional Balinese therapists. It includes results-orientated facials and relaxing massages for complete rejuvenation of body and mind.

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