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Jumeirah - ayam elezz
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There are plenty of things that people say.
Like ‘what goes away never comes back’.
To which we say ‘what was in our hearts; will always stay in our hearts’. Some would say ‘we wish those days would somehow…come back’.
To them we say ‘if we were to go back in the old days right now, everything would be just as good, only with a touch of today. So let’s travel back to the 60’s…
To our house… a real Lebanese house.
Let’s get together and share a laugh, just like we used to…
Watch TV and reminisce about those golden days…
Listen to that classic song and brag about it like no one cares…
Let’s eat the best Zaatar Manooshe…Indulge in that gorgeously delicious Kunafa with whipped cream…And let’s not forget that divine Sugar Maamool…
Because now, the good old days are back for sure!
Beautiful like ever before.



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