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Business Bay - JW Marriott Marquis Dubai - Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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“ I inherited this paradise from my father in the 1950’s and since then I have collected stories, letters and trinkets left behind by all the gorgeous guests who have passed through the doors of Hotel Cartagena.
Step away from the dreary hum drum of your everyday life my lovies, and into this lavish paradise where anything is possible. Where your woes and burdens are simply not permitted to check in with you.
Expect to see oversized tropical foliage, hanging lanterns, birds in a cage that’s as over the top as I am. This is the magical escapism I offer to you for a few wondrous hours. So, sit down, my darling, and soak it all in.
Let your senses experience a frenzy of euphoria through the cornucopia of dishes I have to offer – all deliciously eclectic and as enticing as me.



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Dima Eliseev@Dmitriy
5.0Date of visit: October 2020

Nice place, with very good food!