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- Dubai Production City - Dubai


    All the restaurant entrance areas, door handles, light switches, tables, and chairs are sanitized after every usage, followed by a minimum of 3 meters separation away from each other in all the restaurants.

    Paper menus are eliminated and guests are encouraged to access them through a QR code on their mobile device.

    Associates maintain 2 feet distance while taking the orders and ensure to use disposable paper napkins and wear masks and gloves regularly.

    Contactless room service that includes specially packed food delivered right to the doorstep.

    Floors and carpets are regularly vacuumed and steamed.

    Cooks, Chefs, Stewards, and all the other teammates wash hands and sanitize thoroughly before putting gloves on.

    All workstations and high-touch surfaces, such as stoves, ovens, coffee machines, dishwasher machines, etc. are cleaned and disinfected every hour.

    Stewards wash hands, disinfect, and put-on new gloves after touching the garbage, after sweeping, and after mopping floors



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