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    Business Bay - Freshii, Business Bay - Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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    Mission Green touches every part of our business: from packaging to waste, and marketing to store design.
    Everything you take from the store either biodegrades naturally to the earth or is easily recyclable.
    Shaking your meal in a biodegradable bag means we produce 5 to 7 times less of a carbon footprint than running even the most energy efficient dishwasher..
    Most of our packaging is made from eco-friendly vegetable starches, like corn or potatoes. It biodegrades quickly, leaving behind only carbon dioxide, biomass, and water.
    As we grow, our stores are built smaller to use less materials, use more eco-friendly materials, consume less energy, and to take less from the Earth.
    Our setup is simple: no energy-hungry dishwashers, hoods, ranges or ovens.
    We make use of online and mobile ordering and paperless marketing.
    We use only eco-friendly, natural cleaning products.



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