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    Deira - 2 Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade CentreDIFC - Dubai
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    Did you know that At ALL THE PERKS…
    *We roast and serve PREMIER SPECIALTY COFFEE
    ALL THE PERKS Coffee is roasted from the finest Arabica coffee beans from around the world. Selecting from a vast selection of premium green beans, All The Perks Coffee specialists have coupled with superior roasters to develop our own Signature Blends roasted expressly to our specifications and available only at All The Perks Espresso Cafes. Our blends represent an array of different flavor profiles designed to suit the varying tastes of individual coffee lovers. These blends are roasted from a full city roast to rich dark espresso and everything in between.
    Our extended coffee selection includes a vast array of organic, fair trade and single origin coffees from the finest growing regions of the coffee producing world. We round out our assortment with an endless range of flavored coffees offering aromas of nuts, fruits, spices and creams.
    ALL THE PERKS is committed to being socially and environmentally responsible. Our roaster is a member of the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). They are also an OCIA International organic certified roaster as well as a registered Fair Trade roaster and a Kosher certified roaster.
    *ALL is Made FRESH for Excellent Taste and Healthier Life
    We believe that fresh food and beverages are more than about excellent taste, it is crucial part of healthy lifestyle.
    Full packed flavor lasts only around one week. In All The Perks we are aware about it, moreover all our coffees are roasted to order and shipped next day. This ensures our customers receive the freshest coffee possible.
    Freshness is the key to healthy lifestyle when it comes to choice of food, and the same rule applies to coffee. Fresh coffee is richer in antioxidants which boost immune system, prevents cancer, whereas java boosts energy and thinking process. Rich aroma relaxes tensed feeling serving as a psychological therapy.
    *You can PERK UP!
    At ALL THE PERKS we are passionate about people and strive to deliver social experience to our customers. Our staff is dedicated to serve you with care and create a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy your time with friends and Perk Up! 🙂



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