Meshico Dubai: A true Mexican reality at The Pointe

This Mexican restaurant is known for its parties, folklore and so much more!

Krystien Meyers
March 1, 2021 5:41 PM

As you walk into Meshico past The World's Largest Fountain, you are transported to another world. Aztec empire inspired decor is dripped from ceiling to floor, giving the entire venue life. From blown glass, stone sculptures and candle chandeliers lit with over two dozens of candles.

The venue is housed over two floors and has vibrant décor and top views out across the water. Interiors have Latino flair, with glass piñata chandeliers to the 300 hanging hummingbird alebrijes.

Meshico is roomy, as it should be for the multiple live acts they hosts. Mariachi bands, live skull bobbleheads, tambora players and the list goes on, you won't be able to keep your eyes off the enthralling performances that go on all night long. 

Elegant, casual and breezy is the theme of Meshico, they have perfectly combined the city life of Dubai with the fiesta of Mexico. 

The menu boasts a range of classic dishes, including guacamole, street-style corn, ceviche and tostadas to start. There’s also a range of salads and tacos, including aguachile negro, aguachile de camaron, roasted bone marrow and panuchos.

Having given the food a try, it is safe to say: We. Are. Impressed.

Meshico surpasses all expectations of your usual Mexican cuisine. With authentic ingredients, flavours and love put into each dish and drink, it is truly a culinary experience one must try. 

We tried dishes like both, the aguachile negro (black) and aguachile de camaron (green) both had such distinguished flavours one being with shrimp and the other with octopus. Our favourites were the panuchos which are little pockets of corn dough stuffed with retired beans and topped with fresh Mexican produce, and the show-stopping roasted bone marrow which comes to your table bone and all - after which it is flambeed live before being served with the most perfect presentation.

If the food doesn't get you going, maybe the drink options will. Meshico holds the regions largest tequila menu, doesn't get more Mexican than that! While their margaritas are some of the most delicious ones we've had, they also make some fabulous mocktails - not your basic rundown syrup and soda - but actual mixes that are a flavourful treat!

After dinner, move the party upstairs as Meshico transforms into a party. With dim lights, sparkles and a dance floor - you can get yourself a table and bottle service while taking in the panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf just a step away. 

Truly great food, fun and flair at Meshico, The Pointe. We suggest you pay it a visit as soon as you can!

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