How Photographers Today Have to Do It All: Meet Maxime Casa

Maxime Casa Tells Us How He Turned His Passion Into His Profession

florian delarue
April 22, 2021 11:41 AM

IG Stories to Museum Catalogs: How Photographers Today Have to Do It All

Meet Maxime Casa

When 32-year-old French photographer Maxime CASA began shooting content, his focus was on people in everyday life. Enjoying a night out or socializing with friends, his subjects were his art.

He relished in the creation of capturing that fleeting moment, either in photos or in a video.

“I just love the process,” shares Maxime. “You give people a look into a moment that was shared in reality, and you keep it with you, forever.”

As word about his talent spread, Maxime CASA began shooting photography and video in a variety of different spaces. He worked for brands in beauty, architecture, fashion, and luxury products. He also photographed food, animals and even conducted a shoot for a famous French reality TV series, Les Marseillais à Dubai.

“I got to travel the world,” he says. “From Rio to Kenya, Moscow to Cairo, I went everywhere shooting content. I even got a government booking to capture a satellite launch at a space center in Japan.” With each travel experience came exposure to more industries, more environments, and more skills.

“In each place,” continues Maxime, “You learn more about the world and also about the craft, the lighting needed for that environment, the equipment to use for that vision, whatever it may be – each place is so different.”

Maxime CASA, based in Dubai, embodies the importance of versatility. Today, photographers and videographers can no longer focus on one genre of work, one industry, or one platform. They need to be able to shoot photos for a museum coffee table book, or luxury jewelry for an ad campaign, or food for a restaurant’s Instagram page. This is the reality of the modern-day content creator, and all things Maxime himself has done.

“You need to move, be flexible, be able to adapt and adjust,” says Maxime. “At the end of the day, I am a born salesman, so I know how to communicate in a way that is clear and appealing. Whether it’s a product or a person, I feel like if you look at the thing you are capturing in this light, you can create beautiful imagery, whatever the industry.”

This is the reality of a working photographer or videographer in today’s current climate. Adaptability is key with each client having a different focus and purpose for each request. For content creators like Maxime CASA who have a diverse portfolio, they’re luckily ahead of the curve.

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