Have you tried these new Restaurants yet?

New restaurants and hotels keep opening up here. So here is a list that comprises all the new restaurants that have opened up in Dubai.

Chloe Hoffmann
March 29, 2022 3:24 PM

Dubai, as we all know, is a highly luxurious city. New restaurants and hotels keep opening up here. So here is a list that comprises all the new restaurants that have opened up in Dubai. 

Bar du Port

Ashti By The Sea's Bar du Port is a newly launched cosmopolitan restaurant and bar. From there, you'll be treated to panoramic coastline vistas as well as stunning yellow colors at sunset. It's an excellent place for lunch and early evening cocktails, transforming into a more celebratory atmosphere at night. Bar du Port will undoubtedly leave you in wonder, with a fashionable audience celebrating Beirut through up-and-coming melodies and a vast array of hits played by the DJ. Locals and worldwide travelers who pride themselves on being up to date with all the new and happening places in the city will flock to Bar du Port as their next favorite hangout destination.

Enjoy happy hours at Bar du Port from Monday to Friday, from 5 pm to 8 pm. Get drinks and cocktails at an affordable range starting from AED 22. 


The main dining room is named after clay meal pots fired in Peruvian fires. Here, Peruvian-Japanese food thrives. Nikkei cuisine was created in the late 1800s by the Japanese diaspora combining some Peruvian ingredients with the help of Japanese techniques. Clay is a living embodiment of that legacy. Many people are unfamiliar with Nikkei, even though it is nearly a century old. They take immense pride, honor, and responsibility to provide you with unique and intriguing flavors. They produce sample Nikkei cuisine with knowledge, care, and experience in their open kitchen. The air is thick with flavor. A sense of calm settles in, and the bar calls laughter and contented sips after the fire produces a scented air. The relaxing, the chatty, the entertainingly social, the comfy manner, the view, the glaring of the lights are priorities in this location. Keep an ear out for the conclusion of the night. Clay will provide you with a memorable culinary experience. Intricate processes and delicate flavor give fresh ingredients. These elements influence the taste of your food.


Nonya, located on the 44th level of the Taj Hotel Jumeirah Lakes Towers, offers an experience inspired by the rich dynamics of various Asian cultural elements. Nonya is a modern restaurant, primarily defined as a Pan-Asian one with inspirations from Peranakan culture for guests searching for a premium and vibrant dining experience. It is all set to be the future social heartbeat of the busy JLT district. This sleek and modern facility features a luxurious dining area indoors along with an alfresco alternative, as well as a bar adjacent to the terrace that gives the impression of a secret garden and an unrevealed room where visitors may have their after-party. 


Risen are a handmade bakery and local café. Risen offers breakfast, brunch, and an all-day menu. They offer a broad selection of classic and innovative confectioneries, pastries, and exquisite café-style meals, with an utmost focus on sustainability and products, locally produced. Gluten-free, vegan, low-GI bread, and specialty bread, including sourdough, rye, ciabatta, brioche, focaccia, and more, are available. Risen warmly beckons you inside like a close friend's embrace, and from cups of rich brew, soft tendrils of fragrant steam rise. You are warmed from within by the seductive aroma of freshly cooked bread and pastries. It's a brief respite before the day begins. A haven to soothe the senses and strengthen your determination. Risen's artisan baking techniques, combined with quality arabica coffee beans, nurture your spirit. As if you have risen from the dead. The cafe is on the ground floor of Millennium Place Marina hotel. They also have another at Jumeirah Village circle. 


Teible is situated in the Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai's contemporary museum. Its philosophy is to foster a new culinary culture through a dynamic cuisine centered on a straightforward kitchen approach. Teible is committed to the farm-to-table idea. It is guided by a four-pillar value system of sustainability, integrity, seasonality, simplicity. Teible is motivated to support environmentally conscious activities and initiatives, causing a lower environmental impact. Their approach to reducing waste begins with their commitment to supporting local farmers. They also have a goal of using every component completely. Visit the in-house bakery, which prides itself on minimizing waste by offering freshly baked loaves of bread and pastries as well as freshly prepared specialty coffee.

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