2 things to know about Covid-19 if you're in Dubai

Coronavirus facts you need to know if you're in the UAE

surbhi bhatia
February 28, 2020 10:24 AM

As of 11 March 2020, The Ministry of Health & Prevention (MOHAP)  has announced 15 more cases of Covid-19, taking the total to 74 people who have been affected. However, there is a sense of relief as the number of cases resolved has also relatively increased ever since the inception of this disease in the UAE. 

With a ton of misleading information being forwarded via social media and the internet being flood by scary Coronavirus information, here are 2 Important things you need to know before you get into panic mode - 

The MOHAP has introduced a hotline to resolve any of your queries with regards to the Covid-19. Right from information on prevention to pointing you the right direction, To get in touch, all you have to do is WhatsApp this number  +971563713090. Additionally, there are other helplines in place for you to seek support and make inquires -

Additionally, due to the rapid spread of the virus, panic, and fear have become most common, in order to avoid misleading information and confusion, with regards to this widespread pandemic, the MOHAP has introduced short videos on the status of the disease, precautionary measures, and how to avoid the spread of the disease. 


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