Claw Bbq Crabshack And Grill Bar

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    Downtown Dubai - CLAW BBQ - Souk Al Bahar Bridge - Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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    With neon signs plastering the walls and paper table cloths, all manners go out the door the second you walk in. As guests tie plastic bibs around their neck and order ribs, lobster, crabs and steaks from the UAE’s first genuine BBQ wood-chip smoker and pick up a wooden mallet to crush those crabs.
    Menu show stoppers will be the wide selection of lip smacking BBQ grilled meat and specialty steaks, and let’s not forget the legendary seafood buckets featuring mounds of fresh crabs, crawfish and shrimp. Favorite dishes on offer will include home-style clam chowder, sizzling fajitas and a huge selection of massive ‘killer’ burgers, baby-back ribs and smoked chicken as well a spectacular steak, freshly shucked oysters (served naked, grilled or fried) and last but not least the killer Buffalo Wings. There is regular rib-eating and oyster guzzling competitions at CLAW BBQ which will bring the claws out as people hustle for the Big Eat crown.
    After you are done sucking your fingers clean of BBQ sauce, crab meat & butter, after gnawing the last rib clean, you can grab a bucket of beer or a giant margarita and sit back to enjoy the huge selection of live sports on the widescreens while listening to the house band knock out your favorite songs.
    The drinks menu is its own experience with an unrivalled selection of traditional and signature beverages all served in moonshine jars or pitchers of frozen margaritas, beers on tap, yards of ale, shooters, a large selection of rums, and of course – one of the widest selections of tequilas and ‘sippin whiskeys’ in the city!
    A bespoke all bells and whistles cocktail menu has been developed exclusively for CLAW by the much heralded Mixologist Thomas Gilgren who was recently celebrated as London’s Bartender of the Year. With an unrivalled selection of traditional and signature beverages the drinks are served in moonshine jars or gigantic pitchers.
    For those looking for the classics – Margaritas, Daiquiris and All-Americans like the Manhattan, John Collins, Bourbon Sour and Lynchburg Lemonade – we’ve got you covered! Our pitchers, all refreshingly delicious, are made with fresh and fruity ingredients like raspberry, peach, ginger and mint and then spiked with our favorite Tennessee whisky. CLAW boasts an entire section of the drinks menu to the ‘Unruly World of Rum’ with no less than 13 cocktails including Cuba Libre, Jamaican Mule and Zombie – two of these will really turn you into one!
    Now, allow us to introduce you to our shooters – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Served as a six shot the ‘good’ shooters feature sweet liquors and fresh fruits, the ‘bad’ are for the rock ‘n’ rollers out there and those with a taste for tequila and sambuca. As for the ‘ugly’ – well, you have been warned, the management takes no responsibility for your actions after a shot from this range! Don’t forget that our famous shot o’clock falls at 20:13 each night, see you at the bar!
    Ok, so we’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to your favorite drinks, but we’re a generous gang down at CLAW so we’ve gone one step further and have devised a way in which you can make your very own signature Margarita or Daiquiri! And it’s as easy as ticking some boxes! Basically we’ll give you a form and you simply tick away – what fruit you’d like, salty or sweet, which booze you want, on the rocks or frozen, what size – the options go on and we have more than 100 flavor combos!



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