8 Most romantic restaurants in Dubai

The following list has been curated to include the top romantic restaurants in terms of view, surroundings, culinary specialty, and uniqueness.

Chloe Hoffmann
June 13, 2021 11:34 AM

Dubai has a wide variety of culinary delights to offer, but just a few provide a really unique dining experience dedicated exclusively to couples. There is something for everyone in Dubai, whether you and your companion are traveling on a budget or seeking to treat themselves to the greatest pleasures Dubai has to offer.

Add a Dubai romantic dinner to your travel list if it isn't already there. The following list has been curated to include the top romantic restaurants in terms of view, surroundings, culinary specialty, and uniqueness.


Schedule a visit to Ossiano, Dubai's most romantic restaurant and stylish seafood location, which features floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the aquarium at Atlantis The Palm. Ossiano is a luxury restaurant with a swish environment. The meal served here includes fresh seafood from the menu.

Ossiano is an experience in and of itself, and the restaurant is great for any date night. A magnificent spiral staircase leads to a massive underwater dining room. The atmosphere is really wonderful. Get the royal treatment with welcoming and lemongrass-scented towels, unique bag stands, and napkins that match your outfit.

Find out more about Ossiano here. 

2. Ce la Vi

Cé La Vi is one of the hottest launches in Dubai in 2020.

Unlike any other in Dubai, this sky bar provides you with a wonderful spot to unwind, relax, and enjoy life, surrounded by the most breathtaking views of Dubai, which can be seen from the beautiful infinity pool, which spans to the horizon of Dubai's Skyline. Not only that, but customers may savour a variety of Asian specialities cooked and prepared by the world's best chefs, ensuring a wonderful experience unlike any other.

Find out more about Ce La Vie here. 

3. Sea Fu 

A beachfront paradise with breathtaking views of the glittering Arabian Gulf beyond. The restaurant lives up to its name by combining Asian influences with modern techniques to create an authentic but cutting-edge menu of unique seafood dishes served with Asian-inspired handmade drinks. It's a wonderful setting for any occasion, whether it's lunch, supper, or sundowners during golden hour, to slow down and appreciate the moments that mean the most - interacting with loved ones and the environment around you.

Find out more about Sea Fu here. 

4. Pierchic

Pierchic is hard to ignore because it is located on its own pier jutting out over the Arabian Gulf. The restaurant provides calm vistas and mellow lighting and is known as one of the greatest seafood restaurants in the city.

Discover the extensive variety of Mediterranean-style seafood inspired by the world's oceans. The meal is prepared with fresh catch and responsibly sourced produce that is delivered to the restaurant on a regular basis.

Find out more about Pierchic here. 

5. Armani Ristorante

If you anticipate nothing but luxury and style from the Armani Hotel, you'll get it at Armani/Ristorante. If you want to experience the spectacular surroundings of the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai, the romantic-Italian eatery is the ideal choice.

Armani/Ristorante provides a conventional yet sophisticated menu based on Italian gourmet traditions. Taste a fusion of classic dishes with new inspirations.

The one-of-a-kind meals are all made using the finest ingredients to maximise flavour and presentation.

Find out more about Armani Ristorante here. 

6. Tasca

Tasca, located on the sixth level of the magnificent Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah in Dubai, is an innovative new restaurant by culinary master José Avillez. Tasca is an intriguing new restaurant by culinary mastermind José Avillez, located on the sixth storey of the magnificent Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah in Dubai.

Tasca's cuisine is bursting with character and taste, serving authentic Portuguese cuisine with a modern touch. A wine list featuring the widest collection of Portuguese wines in Dubai, as well as an enticing range of speciality cocktails round out the menu.

7. Al Mahara

Seafood fans worldwide will want to visit Al Mahara because of its unique environment, which is surrounded by an aquarium stocked with exotic species. The menu includes several dishes that are exclusive to the all-new Burj Al Arab restaurant, with a blend of sophisticated and delicate flavour combinations.

Fresh, locally sourced seasonal delicacies make this one of Dubai's greatest seafood restaurants. There are lots of alternatives for the discriminating sea-foodie, whether it's fresh shellfish on ice, entire fish served straight at the table, or a little bit of everything.

Every table offers a beautiful view of the floor-to-ceiling aquarium, making it ideal for special events and romantic dining.

8. At.Mosphere

'At. Mosphere' is the world's tallest restaurant, perched 442 metres above the earth in the Burj Khalifa. The popular eating and lounge area is ideal for watching the sunset while having beverages in the lounge. It offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline and the Arabian Gulf beyond.

Dine-in elegance amid the clouds at any time of day or night, and be astonished by the environment as well as the food. Book ahead of time to prevent disappointment — for either the restaurant or the lounge area — and keep in mind that twilight will be the most sought-after moment. Arriving early is not an issue because there is so much to see and do at The Dubai Mall.

Find out more about At.Mospehere here. 

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