6 trendy homegrown brands to support this weekend!

Dubai is full of creative beings, some who have managed to bring their ideas to life - let's tilt our hats off to them.

Krystien Meyers
February 18, 2021 6:34 PM

House of Bougies 

This handmade Parisian brand is born in Dubai and has some of the most luxurious candles we have set our eyes on. With concepts that root to a deeper meaning and titles such as HERA, Wife of Zeus this brand is the perfect little gift for the candle collector in your life. Not to mention, all the ingredients used are 100% natural from the soy wax to the lead-free cotton wick. You can place your orders through their Instagram page instagram.com/houseofbougies/ 


This brand is hands down on the top of our list! The perfect film camera for the digital age. The concept is simple you can purchase a FLICK disposable camera from their website for just AED 45 after you have shot your shots, you scan the QR code that comes with it and go through the process where your camera gets picked up to be developed, 7 days later you get digital copies of your photographs to your email! You can even go ahead and pick up your film negatives.  Add a little excitement and adventure to your weekend by clicking through the lens of disposable cameras. Shop FLICK via their website flickcameras.com/

Baloons & Beyond

This quaint little brand puts all the love into your package, Balloons & Beyond is a homegrown balloon estore where you can purchase customised balloons stuffed with dried flowers, confetti and more! The whole thing is attached to a little basket of your choosing, either flowers, teddy's or even chocolates!

Shop Balloons & Beyond via their Instagram page instagram.com/balloonsandbeyond.ae/


ingfit.ae is a local e-commerce health store that gets you everything you need to fast track your healthy lifestyle, they fully believe that nutrition is not a one size fits all discipline so they cater for a wide range of lifestyles from keto, paelo, vegan and even diabetics. Shop all your healthful needs on ingfit.ae/

Wander Pot Social

Wander Pot Social is the perfect shop for all things green! From little cactus to lush succulents they have it all. Once again, a brand that speaks of sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint on this Earth this is the perfect little shopping trip to have over the weekend while being smart. You can shop through their Instagram instagram.com/wanderpotsocial/

Vintage Vibe

For all our vintage collectors reading this, this is for you. Vintage Vibe is an exciting spot to get one of a kind vintage sustainable clothing. With brands like NIKE, Adidas, Carhartt and more - finding rare items for a steal is always an adventure. Shop Vintage Vibe through their Instagram www.instagram.com/vntgvibe_

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