6 Pizzeria you must try in Dubai

Dubai is known for great pizza joints and restaurants offering exclusive pizzas from Naples to New York. Check out the best 6 ones.

Chloe Hoffmann
July 7, 2021 11:13 AM

Dubai is known for great pizza joints and restaurants offering exclusive pizzas from Naples to New York. You can find the six best ones that you can not miss whether you live in Dubai or just visiting. 

L’antica Pizzeria da Michele

With its position at the City Walk Mall Dubai, L’antica pizzeria da Michele offers you the true Neapolitan pizza, preserving the tradition of Naples, Italy. If you want to feast and rejoice in a place of classic pizzas enjoying Margherita, Marinara, or Cosacca, you should be here. The space, with indoor and outdoor settings, allows you to relish pizzas having the authentic taste and flavours from Campania. The other attractions include crafted drinks, vegetable appetizers, and desserts. If you have personalized needs, they are taken care of with just the right topping. 

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Bussola is recognized for being a venue suitable for any occasion. With great pizzas and appetizers, you can have a great time enjoying them with your choice of toppings. By combining the conventional Italian cooking techniques with authentic local ingredients, you are served the best created every time. Bussola Pizzeria is located in the Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina in Dubai Marina. You can find a range of pizzas from traditional Calabrese, Margherita, or Capricciosa to the Bussola specials.  

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With the inspiring concept of bringing families together serving good food, Luigia extends its brand name through love, passion and attention to detail. The place at Rixos Premium JBR is set to make any occasions with your family or friends memorable. You have a range of Italian pizzas perfected since the time of the grandmothers. Luigia also serves a la carte, desserts and selection of wines from 5.30 pm to 12 am. On Fridays and Saturdays, it opens at 5.30 pm.

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Having its outlets in various places in Dubai, Freedom Pizza is successful in making strong connections with local residents and tourists alike. You are inspired by allowing you to choose the crust, cheese, sauce, meat, and vegetables to have your own topping. Some favourites from their collection includes Margherita, Matchpack, Tandoori Timeout, Bella Verde, and more. Freedom Pizza also offers a variety of sides, salads, desserts and drinks, along with pizzas to help you have a great time.

Pitfire Pizza

Pitfire Pizza amazes you with incredible freshness, flavours and value. It carries a great tradition of making pizzas with a 72-hour dough-making process and unique fermentation technique. Italian artisans work all-through to give a high-quality crust, mozzarella, and vegetables. Choose from a range of pizzas like Pitfire Primo, the Hipster, Pepperoni Primo, Margherita, Bill’s Special, and so on.

Motorino Pizzeria Dubai

From Hong Kong to Singapore, and now finally to Dubai, Motorino is the world-famous New York pizzeria that is ‘stalked by fame’ and renowned as ‘the best pizza in New York’. Motorino’s Neapolitan pizza is delicious because the dough has a traditional 2-day rising process to produce a bubbly, yet crispy crust and an authentic Neapolitan preparation style and flair.

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