10 Restaurants With The View of The iconic Dubai Mall Fountain

Restaurants with Dubai Fountain view Hugely popular among tourists and Dubai residents alike is a great meal with uninterrupted views of The Dubai Fountain

Krystien Meyers
August 27, 2021 2:37 PM


Located 442 metres above Dubai, on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, this fine dining restaurant boasts dazzling views of the city. Sophisticated At.mosphere offers diners an uncomplicated menu of quality seafood, tender cuts of meat, and an extensive premium drinks list. It’s great for visitors to the city who want to experience the views from the world’s tallest building and enjoy a top-notch meal – and it delivers on both fronts.

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This authentic Mexican spot is a hit with foodies, a gastronomic experience while faced with a front and centre view of The Dubai Fountain is what Tulum offers. The restaurant prides itself on using native ingredients from Mexico to create the best culinary elements that will whet your appetite. 

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Envisioned as a homage to the heritage of Argentina, Asado reflects the quaint and charming feel of a South American country farmhouse. The highlight of the culinary offering is the ‘Parrilla’, the open grill over which age-old traditional dishes are prepared. Step in any time for iconic experiences that bring alive the soul and spirit of the old country in a cosmopolitan city with a different view of The Dubai Fountain.

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A jewel adorning the shores of Burj Lake, Thiptara evokes the mystery and intrigue of Thailand like never before. An elegant and intimate space, it serves traditional Royal Thai cuisine with an emphasis on Bangkok-style seafood. The venue lives up to its name, which means magic at the water, by offering enchanting dining experiences, authentic ambience and mesmerising surroundings that face The Dubai Fountain.

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Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove comes to Dubai bringing along a rustic yet authentic boutique dining experience. Walnut Grove has quickly become the go-to neighbourhood spot for young and old. Their world-famous cakes and signature hand-roasted coffee bring a unique and exciting blend to the Dubai dining scene. Walnut Grove’s bright yet intimate space plays host to endless options of culinary delights both sweet and savoury as well as an interactive and open bakery and barista station that allows you to get closer to the handmade in-house specialities.

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Located in the heart of the hotel and overlooking the spectacular Dubai Fountain, Armani/Lounge is the perfect place to meet friends, discuss business or just watch the world go by while enjoying innovative interpretations of international cuisine. An extensive selection of coffees, teas and wines complement a world-class array of beverages. Armani/Lounge is the definitive destination in which to enjoy teatime treats during the day or an Italian-style aperitivo at sunset.

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Serafina is on the ground level so perhaps not as prime position as the upper deck, but nevertheless still great views. The food is Italian and very good here with plenty of classics including a variety of pizza and pasta dishes. The restaurant is also on the Entertainer (Fine Dining) which is a great bonus as you will pay a premium for the location.

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Karma Kafe

This multiple award-winning venue is located inside of the popular Souk Al Bahar in the heart of Dubai’s Downtown district. With unrivalled views of The Dubai Fountain and the iconic Burj Khalifa, Karma Kafé by Buddha-Bar sets the scene for a truly magical experience. Offering a fusion of Pan-Asian and International flavours with opulent surroundings and oriental & eclectic beats, Karma Kafé by Buddha-Bar is a unique dining and nightlife destination for the discerning guest.

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Abd El Wahab Restaurant

Abd El Wahab, named after the street where it’s located in Beirut, Lebanon. True to its name, it takes pride in its Lebanese roots and is well known for its authentic Lebanese cuisine. The restaurant offers a unique & memorable dining experience with exceptional views of the Dubai Mall Fountains and Burj Khalifa. A great venue that offers exceptional food and views! Not to mention, they have great shisha!

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Din Tai Fung

Founded in Taiwan in 1972, Din Tai Fung is a Michelin-starred restaurant and voted as one of the Top Ten Best Restaurants in the World by the NY Times. Din Tai Fung’s cuisine is all about harmony. Utilising the freshest ingredients paired with a relish for simple cooking styles, the recipe selection is never too short and is a fresh welcome given to people looking for healthier options. No to forget their envious view of The Dubai Mall fountain.

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