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    Jumeirah - Jumeirah St - JumeirahJumeirah 1 - Dubai
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    HELLO, EXCUSE ME IF I SCREAM… …and that’s all for a great reason! Anyone who’s ever tasted the cold, soothing, yummy, creamy scoop on a fresh cone would remember how good ice cream makes you feel. So here we are today to give you more moments of good feeling while indulging in our unique ice cream flavors. If you ask us, we are true to our nature, which goes by a multitude of personalities. Let’s start with, ‘We are global and love Ice Cream”. Now, check this out… Ever enjoyed a classic Beetle drive in the early morning with Fairouz, or a sunset drive with Pavarotti, a reggae surf on a hot summer day, or a modern rove in a wrangler bashing the desert? Well, chances are, you are a screamer just like us… to the sound of freedom, peace and a passion for life. We are funky, fresh, young and bubbly. We scream for fun, for friends and for a colorful, passionate and sociable life. Indeed, we are as sociable as any Facebooker, Intsagrammer or Youtuber can be. And we can bet you a thousand screams that you’ll never ever hear a silent note or a boring ping coming out your way. We promise to do things the loud way. And that’s not all! We have no age, but we are wise. We are emotions, sunsets and cheering kids. We are sweet and simple. We promise to excite you, delight you and take you to the most exotic places with our flavors. Because Ice Cream is at the heart of our business, we take it pretty seriously. So seriously that we actually scream about it. So, not only do we want our flavors to taste great, we also want to make sure we make a change in the world; a change for a better, happier and eco-friendly environment. Call us the dreamers, we prefer the “iScreamers”.



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